aviation facilities

Aviation Facilities

Airside services and facilities

The following facilities and services are available to aviation and airline operators at Hawke's Bay Airport.

  • In-flight catering
  • Jet A1 fuel
  • Avgas
  • Aircraft parking
  • Full air traffic control
  • Customs and immigration on request
  • Rescue fire Cat 4 (Cat 6 available on request)
  • 1750 x 45m main runway 16-34 with a cross-runway 07-25

Please contact us for all inquiries or for more detailed information.

Aeronautical Conditions of Use

Hawke's Bay Airport's conditions of use set out the terms and conditions under which you may use the Airport and the Facilities and Services at the Airport. By using the Airport or Facilities and Services you agree to be bound by these conditions of use, as amended from time to time in accordance with clause 1.3.

 Download Hawke's Bay Airport's Aeronautical Conditions of Use Here

 Landing & parking charges


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Landing Information

Unless agreed otherwise all users of Hawke's Bay Airport are required to provide the following information (as set out in Schedule 3 of the Conditions of Use) within 24 hours following each day in which the airport's facilities and services are used:

  • The number of landings made by each of your aircraft operating at the airport.
  • Details of the registration and MCTOW of each aircraft operating at the airport.

Unless agreed otherwise this information must be supplied electronically via the below link:

File your landing information here

Civil Aviation Authority - Drone Rules

The Civil Aviation Authority has strict rules regarding the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can not operate:

  • Within 4 km of any aerodrome unless specific conditions are met 
  • In airspace designated special use, or with any airspace restrictions
  • In a way that causes a hazard for people or property 
  • Over runways or any other ‘active’ part of the aerodrome including other aircraft
  • Outside of daylight hours (after sunset and before sunrise) except if indoors or within 100 m of and below the top of a natural or man-made object
  • Above any area where the ground visibility is less than 3 km or if the cloud base is low and can not be operated in line of sight of the operator

This is not a complete list and we strongly recommend that you read the information on the Airshare website

Kitesurfing, model aircrafts, paragliding near the airport

There are strict rules around kitesurfing, paragliding and other activities involving the presence of people/equipment in the air. 
There shall be no kite surfing, paragliding or other activity involving the presence of people/equipment in the air, in the Napier Pilotage Area as shown in Map 1.5, (see page 42) unless approved by the Napier Air Traffic Control.
NZTA The Transport Agency’s policyis to not permit non-certificated operations (covered under Part 101 of the CAA Rules) to fly directly above or along the road corridor, or cross over a section of the state highway, or on land potentially zoned for roading project, regardless of whether the highway is open or closed at the time of operation.
No Person must, from or in the air space above any Reserve, fly any form of model aeroplane except with the prior permission of an Authorised Officer and then only in compliance with every condition under which such permission is granted.
Except with the prior permission of Council or an Authorised Officer a Person must not on any Public Place: m) Take off or land any aircraft including helicopters, model aeroplanes, a hot air balloon or hang-glider, parachutes or similar devices, except in an emergency.