Vision, Mission & Values

Hawke's Bay Airport's Vision is to be New Zealand's most vibrant and successful regional airport welcoming 1 million passengers by 2030. We will achieve this by delivering against our mission of enabling safe, customer focussed and sustainable air transport services in and out of Hawke's Bay.

Our success in working towards this vision will be measured by performance across the five strategic pillars of our business. 

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Our Values

  • Safety First
  • We look to the Horizon
  • Striving for continued Commercial Success
  • Care and Respect for our people
  • Customer Focused
  • Sustainability is part of our DNA 
  • Environmentally responsible.


The board is responsible for the corporate governance of Hawke's Bay Airport Limited ("The Company"). The term "corporate governance" means the control of the business by the Directors, and the accountability of the directors to the shareholders and others, for the performance of the Company and compliance by the Company with laws and standards.

A copy of the Hawke's Bay Airport Limited Board Charter is available via the following link.

Documents and Reports

Statement of Intent - Hawke's Bay Airport Limited FY 2023/2024

Statement of Intent - Hawke's Bay Airport Limited FY2022/2023  

2023 Annual Report - Hawke Bay Airport Limited

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