Hawke’s Bay Airport releases annual Statement of Intent 24-25

27 June 2024

Focus on ensuring infrastructural and economic resilience

Hawke’s Bay Airport has released its 24/25 Statement of Intent (SOI) for the 12 months to 30 June 2025. As a council controlled organisation, the Airport’s SOI is a public and legally required document, reviewed and agreed annually with the Airport’s shareholders – Napier City Council, Hastings District Council, and the Crown.

The SOI sets out how we will deliver sustainable value to our shareholders and our community, says HBAL Chair, Wendie Harvey.

“For the coming year our SOI reflects the drivers to invest in and ensure our airport is fit for the future of aviation, and our role in growing a prosperous Hawke’s Bay.

“Future developments at Hawke’s Bay Airport are intended to ensure we continue to be resilient, progressive, and fit for purpose in the years ahead.”

Key highlights in this year’s SOI include:

- Modest growth in passenger numbers, in light of the challenging economic outlook

- Progressive and resilient infrastructure, enabling growth

- Airport land development supporting revenue diversification

- Air service development, creating new regional connections

- Renewable energy and resource efficiency, beyond carbon reduction

- Digital transformation, being future-ready and can adapt to the evolving technological landscape ahead

The airport’s strategic importance extends beyond its role in air transport, says Mrs Harvey.

“The airport serves as an economic catalyst, stimulating growth, creating employment opportunities, fostering business activities, and is a key connection to markets beyond the region.”