Hawke's Bay Airport to run Emergency Exercise Friday 20 May 2016

Hawke’s Bay Airport is advising the public of an emergency exercise they are undertaking this Friday 20th of May at 9pm at the Ahuriri Estuary, and to reassure them that it is a simulated exercise only.

Hawke’s Bay Airport Chief Executive Nick Story explained that the aim of the exercise is to test the effectiveness of the Airport’s Emergency Plan and inter-agency interaction in ‘real life’ as well as provide the opportunity for each individual agency to test its own staff and emergency response procedures.

The Airport’s emergency plan is designed to minimise the extent of personal injury and property damage at, or in the vicinity of an airport in an emergency.

“As the exercise involves a number of emergency response agencies, a number of vehicles and emergency service personnel may attend the emergency exercise which will occur in the Ahuriri estuary area. We wish to reassure the public not to be alarmed and that it is a practice exercise only,” says Mr Story.

Every year the Hawke’s Bay Airport conducts an emergency exercise alternating between a simulated ‘real life’ event as planned for Friday night and a desktop exercise involving all response parties in alternate years.

“Ensuring we are well organised to respond efficiently and effectively to a real-life emergency situation is critical. Every year we undertake an exercise to make sure that the Airport Company and our emergency response agencies have a sound working knowledge of our emergency plan, are familiar with the response procedures and can act accordingly to preserve life and property,” added Mr Story.

The Hawke’s Bay Airport Emergency Exercise Details:
Date: Friday 20 May 2016
Time: 9pm
Place: Ahuriri Estuary