Baggage & Luggage

Air New Zealand have self-service and staffed counters for flight check-in and baggage.

Self-service counters are ideal if you’re traveling with carry-on baggage only and equipment so you can check the size and weight of your bags. Baggage collection can be found at the opposite end of the terminal to check-in.

Baggage Tips:

  • Double check your baggage allowance before you pack.
  • Put your contact information in the inside and outside of every bag.
  • Customise your bag with something personal so it’s easier to spot at pick-up.
  • Arrive early to avoid queues at check-in.
  • Immediately report any lost baggage.

Please check your flight information to confirm your baggage allowances. The number of pieces and the weight of your bags varies on the type of seat your have purchased and your destination. Excess baggage may incur additional charges.

See the Air New Zealand website for more information.