A major growth region in New Zealand, Hawke's Bay is situated on the east coast of the North Island.

Blessed with a beautiful Mediterranean style climate, Hawke's Bay is noted for its award winning wines, orchards, stunning scenery, golden beaches and art deco architecture. Where else could you ski or snow board in the morning on dramatic mountains and then sail or surf in the afternoon on a shimmering, turquoise sea?

Excellent dining, entertainment and abundant outdoor activities, combined with gorgeous backdrops and panoramic views, all work in harmony to make Hawke's Bay the perfect choice to enjoy New Zealand lifestyle at its best.

As the gateway to Hawke's Bay, the Airport provides an excellent location for business with ease of accessibility to the region's cities and central business districts.

The Airport is just north of Napier and approximately 10 minutes drive from the Napier central business district, 20 minutes from Hastings, 60 minutes from Central Hawke's Bay and 90 minutes from Wairoa.

Located directly alongside State Highway 2 and within 10 minutes of the Port of Napier, the Airport is ideally positioned as the strategic hub for the Hawke's Bay region and as a distribution centre for the North Island.

Hawke's Bay Airport is one of the busiest regional airports in New Zealand with nearly 450,000 passengers a year and over 300,000 visitors. Passenger growth has averaged over 6% per annum for the last 10 years and looks set to continue.

With an excellent existing infrastructure base providing a great platform to build upon, the Airport offers a modern terminal, a runway capable of receiving A320/737 class jet aircraft and substantial available land for future development of aeronautical and commercial businesses.

Air New Zealand provides frequent daily direct flights to and from Hawke's Bay to the main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch using its modern fleet of turbo-prop aircraft.

Charter companies based at the Airport can organise direct flights to and from other destinations in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the west coast of America.

The Airport is currently designated as a first port of entry into New Zealand for up to 14 people, including crew, on board and customs, security and immigration facilities for international arrivals and departures are available.

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