New Measures Introduced to Reduce Congestion in the Pick Up and Drop Off Zone

Hawke’s Bay Airport is introducing a number of measures to reduce increased levels of congestion in the pick up and drop off zone to ensure passenger safety.

Due to the airport’s significant passenger growth, this zone has become highly congested, particularly in peak times.

Effective from today, the airport is enforcing a no waiting policy in the pick up and drop off zone, regardless of whether or not the vehicle is attended. Any vehicle breaching this policy will be liable for a fine.

To off set this new measure the Airport has extended free parking in all public carparks from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to enable people to find a park, meet arriving passengers or see them off, and leave the airport without incurring a parking fee. People who park for less than 30 minutes will not need to validate their ticket.

Hawke’s Bay Airport Commercial Manager Dean Smith says the airport has experienced significant growth in traffic in the past two years and there are much higher volumes of cars outside the terminal.

“These new measures are to ensure passenger safety, which is absolutely paramount, and also to provide more efficient use of the airport facilities while the project rolls out,” said Smith.

The Airport recently introduced a flat rate parking fee all of its public car parks of $15 per day for the first five days and then $10 per day thereafter.

The Hawke’s Bay Airport car parking rates will be:

Flat Carpark Fee across the main and secure carparks.

First 30 minutes Free

30 mins – 1 hour $3

1 hour – 2 hours $6

2 hours – 3 hours $9

3 hours – 4 hours $12

4 hours – 1 day $15

Days 2-5 $15/day

Days 5+ $10/day