Hawke's Bay Airport's secure carpark to almost double in size

Work will begin on the second phase of the extension and upgrade of the Hawke’s Bay Airport carpark later next month, which will result in the Airport almost doubling the number of secure carparks available.

An additional 142 secure carparks will be provided, making a total of 293 spaces in the secure area.

The extension will see the area to the south of the existing secure carpark redeveloped into parking spaces, with the Rent a Dent car rental service moving to the Business Park. The work is being carried out to accommodate the continued growth of the Airport with passenger numbers at an all time high.

New smoother surfacing, improved lighting, trolley bays, additional entry and exit points into the carpark and wide footpaths to the terminal are being added to the secure carpark following feedback from a public survey the Airport undertook.

Nearly 300 members of the public responded to a survey asking for feedback on the Airport carpark facilities and what changes they would like made.

Hawke’s Bay Airport Aeronautical and Infrastructure Manager Olivia Pierre said the feedback has been invaluable in shaping the plan for the carpark facilities.

“We are very grateful to the public who responded to the survey as their feedback not only reinforced our own ideas about what needs to happen to improve the area but also highlighted some other aspects that we have now incorporated into the plans.”

Ms Pierre went on to explain; “We have a number of projects planned to upgrade the carpark facilities over the next 18 months. Visitors to the Airport main carpark will have already noticed a number of improvements from additional parking spaces, more rubbish bins, new trolley bays to more visible pedestrian crossings. The second phase is focused on the extension and upgrade of the secure parking facilities, which we are almost doubling to accommodate the growth of the Airport.

“The work will commence in late June, once a contractor is appointed, and we aim to have it completed by mid-September. We want to highlight to the public that there will be some disruptions to the existing secure carpark usage, mainly during the last month of construction, however the aim will be to keep this to a minimum. There will be clear signage alerting visitors and we thank the public in advance for their patience while these necessary improvements happen,” said Ms Pierre.

Infrastructure Company Opus is managing the Hawke’s Bay Airport Carpark extension project and will be advertising the tender this Saturday. Project Manager with Opus International Consultants Graham Eagles said the contract works involve earthworks, drainage, concrete kerbing and footpath, pavement and asphalt surfacing, associated traffic services and landscaping. Mr Eagles is encouraging all qualified contractors to tender for the project.
Hawke’s Bay Airport Carpark Extension and Upgrade Status:

Phase one of the upgrade is complete and visitors to the Airport can now enjoy:
• two new trolley bays in the main carpark,
• two new smooth surfaced pedestrian walkways from the main carpark to the terminal - both are now highly visible as zebra lines,
• four additional rubbish bins in the main and secure carparks,
• additional all day parking in the main carpark due to remodeling the carpark and changing some of the short term (P120) spaces into all day parks.

Phase two to extend and upgrade the secure carpark facilities – work to begin in June and be completed by mid-September.

Phase three to resurface the north end of the main carpark facilities – work to begin late Dec 2016 and be completed by mid-January 2017.