'Free’ parking time reverts back to 15 minutes

From May 1st the free parking time at Hawke’s Bay Airport will be reduced from 30mins to 15mins to ease parking congestion and ensure public safety.

The reduced free parking time comes four months after a new parking tariff structure was put into place at the Airport to accommodate necessary changes while the terminal redevelopment is undertaken. At this time free parking was increased from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, however this increase in ‘dwell’ time has put significant pressure on the airports car parking capacity.

Hawke’s Bay Airport Operations Manager, Gareth Mentzer, said; “The reason we increased the free parking time was to improve the operational efficiency of our pick-up and drop-off area during the redevelopment of the Airport’s terminal. This area became a no waiting zone, so to accommodate this we increased the free parking time.

“We’ve been closely monitoring the flow and impact of the parking facilities over the last four months and unfortunately the change hasn’t had the outcome we anticipated. Instead we have had a significant increase in congestion within the car park, especially at peak times.”

Mr Mentzer continued; “In the interest of public safety this congestion needs to be alleviated so we have made a decision to reduce the free parking time back to 15minutes. This should still provide sufficient time for the majority of people dropping off or picking up visitors to not incur a charge while at the same time improve the parking turnover.”

Mr Mentzer explained that a comprehensive review of the carpark’s design, safety, payment technology, pricing and operational policies is being conducted in line with the terminal redevelopment.

In September the Airport introduced a flat rate parking fee across both the main and secure carpark of $15 per day for the first five days and then $10 per day thereafter.

The Hawke’s Bay Airport car parking rates will be:

First 15 minutes Free
15 mins – 1 hour $3
1 hour – 2 hours $6
2 hours – 3 hours $9
3 hours – 4 hours $12
4 hours – 1 day $15
Days 2-5 $15/day
Days 5+ $10/day

The Airport has a no waiting policy in the drop off zone, regardless of whether or not the vehicle is attended. This is not only to ensure public safety but also security of vehicles left unattended. Any vehicle breaching this policy will be liable for a fine.